The Rotary Club of Metro Iloilo (RCMI) and RCMI Anns are proud to officially introduce their own version of Project Breastfeeding: “If I could, I would– a breastfeeding awareness campaign initially conceptualized by known photographer, Hector Cruz, that encapsulates the RCMI culture as an all-male society of fathers, uncles, brothers, and sons that will wholeheartedly take the opportunity to breastfeed their children, if possible.

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In addition, this advocacy aims to promote, educate, and assist millions of families in order to make breastfeeding not an option, but a necessity for young children.

RCMI and RCMI Anns are united in their stand of making this endeavor successful. Now, let’s help create a remarkable Rotary year of Making a Difference by actively supporting breastfeeding by knowing where to get help in your own community, participating in breastfeeding awareness programs, encouraging moms to breastfeed, and by helping our group spread this advocacy by sharing this post to your friends and relatives.